I produced a series of short videos for British Airways, highlighting leading women in business. These incredible women included Piera Gelardi of Refinery29, who demonstrates how to wear confidence wherever you go.

Tiffany Shlain is a filmmaker, author and public speaker, creating work that explores links in humanity and champions women. Here's her tips on conducting global business.

AWAY Luggage founders Steph & Jen. Sharing "How to pack like a pro" with British Airways

We created this British Airways video highlights female Pilot Kat Woodruffe and engineers Eleanor Levitt and Tsungi Maruta as they navigate through the gender gap.

They first collaborated to help the world gain perspective on gender balance. So British Airways brought Piera Gelardi and Tiffany Shlain back together, to show how else they’re contributing to today’s network of incredible women in business.

Today’s women in business are rewriting the classic A to B career itinerary—opting instead for a delightfully disruptive route #FromBtoA. Watch how British Airways helps them travel together.